Color perception
Color perception
Color perception: Color is the only physical quantity of modern optoelectronic technology that is not accurately recorded in modern optoelectronic technology. Different shooting environments / cameras, the object color presentation is different, and the camera shot also deviates from the real color. The hyperspectral imaging technology can record the complete visible spectrum in the image pixel, accurately analyze, check and measure the color, and bring the "digital revolution" of color determination, which can be applied to print anti-counterfeiting, color difference detection and other fields.
Scheme characteristics
  • Color digitization
    Restoring Color Coordinate Information through Spectra
  • Full gamut expression
    Accurately distinguish all colors that the human eye can perceive
  • Color temperature correction
    Eliminate the influence of light sources and restore the solid color of objects
Application Scene
Printed matter anti-counterfeiting
Through the identification of printed matter packaging can effectively identify the authenticity of goods
Chromatic difference detection
Measure wider spectral range, record fine spectral features, and higher colormeasurement accuracy