Industrial testing
Industrial testingIndustrial testing
Industrial testing: industrial hyperspectral detection scheme with non-contact, no damage, wide imaging range, the product of chemical composition index millisecond real-time online detection, effectively solve the laboratory detection slow, sampling leakage and manual detection cost high pain points, open design has low requirements for the environment, not afraid of light, such as environmental interference, detection accuracy is high.
Scheme characteristics
  • Non-contact non-damage
    Photo detection, local single point detection, avoid damage detection.
  • Wide range
    A photo can cover multiple tests, greatly improving the detection efficiency.
  • High speed
    Millisecond level response speed, real-time online access to the detection results.
  • Composition detection
    Can be sample appearance detection, physical and chemical index analysis.
Food sorting / quality grade screening
Detect meat fat, protein, fruit moisture content, freshness and other indicators, and intelligently sort products accordingly.
Industrial product quality and defect inspection
Rapid inspection of product material and workpiece quality, millisecond level online inspection, without fear of the impact of light source environment.
Automatic classification of garbage recycling
Intelligent classification of plastics, textiles, metals, glass and other garbage, efficient sorting and recycling of garbage.