Intelligent household electrical appliance
Smart home
Hyperspectral camera module is small in size, low power consumption, high spatial resolution, and equipped with AI algorithm and one-stop application solutions, can be built into smart phones, smart home appliances and other IoT equipment, to realize skin detection, photography assistance, fruit, vegetable, fish, grain and oil quality analysis and other functions.
Scheme characteristics
  • One-stop solution
    Integrated spectral camera, spectral AI algorithm, and other one-stop solutions
  • Small body shape, easy to integrate
    Integrated MEMS FPI and CMOS sensors, customized image sensors and lenses
  • 4D super perception experience
    To provide consumers with a new experience such as food detection and skin detection anytime and anywhere.
Application Scene
Meat quality, fruits and vegetables and other material detection, freshness analysis, etc.
Washing machine
Clothing cloth material, clothing stains and other identification.
Sweeping robot
Accurately identify stains, liquid and other target objects.