Mini hyperspectral camera module
Integrated MEMS-FPI and CMOS sensor, image sensor and lens customization. Image sensors are smaller and designed for consumer electronics users, and Hypernano Mini hyperspectral camera modules can be integrated into miniaturized smart devices such as mobile phones.
Product advantages
  • Miniaturization
    Volume only 9.5mm*9.5mm*6.2mm
  • Simple structure
    Compact, highly integrated, consumer level miniaturization demand
  • Band programmable
    Wide spectrum continuous tunable, imaging sensor is optional
Imaging modalities wavelength scanning type
Sensor Multiple adaptation
Dimensions (mm) 9.5*9.5*6.2
Weight(g) 0.64
Operation temperature(℃) -10 ~ 50
Lens Multiple adaptation, can be customized
Spectral range (nm) 400 ~ 900
FWHM(nm) < 20
OD ≤ 2
Central wavelength Accuracy (nm) ≤ 2
Wavelength switching
≤ 2
Power (mW) <260
Application Scenario
Meat quality, fruits and vegetables and other material detection, freshness analysis, etc.
Washing machine
Clothing cloth material, clothing stains and other identification.
Sweeping robot
Accurately identify stains, liquid and other target objects.