Visible near-infrared (VIS-NIR) hyperspectral camera
The new hyperspectral camera based on tunable FPI has a small size, light mass and low power consumption. With the advantages of MEMS-FPI technology, the product also has the unique advantages of fast speed, wide field of view, high spectral resolution, continuous tunable spectral range and so on.
Product advantages
  • World leader
    you can measure the spectrum of each pixel while imaging and output hyperspectral images.
  • Fast speed
    Stepless adjustment, any number of bands, according to different scenarios for band selection
  • Large visual area
    wide field of view
Product model HC-VIS/VNIR100-UW
Imaging modality MEMS wavelength scanning
Sensor CMOS
Field of View(°) 45
Operating distance (mm) 100~∞
Wavelength range (nm) 400~900 (Optional)
FWHM (nm) 25~40
Dynamic range 10bit
Spectral bands 5~175 Optional
Resolution (Pixel) 1280 * 800
CPU Quad-core 64-bit ARM processor
GPU Mali-G31 MP2 GPU
Memory space 8G/16G EMMC
Support operating system Windows / Android / Linux
Weight (g) 235g
Input voltage 5V/3W
Dimensions (mm) 112*56*34
Data interfaces USB2.0, WIFI(2.4G/5G Optional)
Application Scenario
Color calibration
Printed matter anti-counterfeiting, color difference detection, etc
Food detection
Identify target food, identify food category, analyze food freshness, etc
Light source detection
Detect the central wavelength, half wave width and other parameters of different color LED
OLED Detection
Accurate detection OLED screen brightness uniformity