Security and environmental protection
Hyperspectral imaging technology can make qualitative and quantitative observation of water quality, detect physical indicators such as algae, sediment, as well as oxygen demand, total phosphorus and total nitrogen, and present visual detection results of cloud map in real time. In the field of security, the integrated characteristics of hyperspectral technology can effectively analyze skin composition, resist face and fingerprint fraud, and greatly improve the accuracy of biometric identification.
Scheme characteristics
  • Physical and chemical index detection
    Accurate water quality analysis to determine the degree of water pollution.
  • Visualization of test results
    Intelligent data analysis, intuitive display of test results.
  • Biidentification accuracy improvement
    Accurate identification of skin, fingerprint authenticity.
Application Scene
Water quality environment testing
Help environmental protection organization, intelligent, 24h test water quality.
Face recognition
Help face recognition equipment to resist false pictures, videos, silicone headgear and other fake ways.
Fingerprint identification
Effectively prevent fingerprint film, transparent glue fingerprint and other fingerprint fraud.