Company Profile
Company Profile

Shenzhen Hypernano Optical Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Hypernano") headquartered in Shenzhen, is engaged in hyperspectral MEMS chip, module, camera development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises, the company team by the world's top hyperspectral MEMS experts, overseas high-level talents and industry experts, is the world's first to realize hyperspectral MEMS sensor production and industrialization of enterprises. Hypernano hyperspectral imaging technology has brought the revolutionary innovation of visual AI, and the technology is in the international leading position, filling the gap in this field in China.
Hypernano adhering to the "4D super perception, everything can be measured" enterprise mission, based on the research advanced hyperspectral MEMS chip, committed to build sophisticated hyperspectral module and camera core components such as products, let "snap" 4D hyperspectral imaging technology to realize general value, enable the transformation and upgrading of different industries, has been with several listed companies, enterprises and the world top 500 enterprises cooperation and complete delivery.

  • Corporate Mission
    4D Hypervision, sensing the world
  • Corporate Vision
    To become a global leader in hyperspectral imaging technology
  • Corporate values
    Positive, Rigorous, Innovative and Collaborative

Hypernano was established, and hyperspectral imaging MEMS products began to flow sheet.


Successfully developed hyperspectral imaging MEMS engineering samples.


Hyperspectral imaging MEMS products will start mass production and start the industrial hyperspectral camera project.


Engineering production is completed,

and a number of new products are delivered for rapid launch.