Short-wave infrared hyperspectral camera
It is mainly composed of a tunable MEMS-FPI and a short-wave infrared senseor, with a detectable band range of 950nm-1650nm. The camera is small, simple, the band value are continuously tunable, and the number of bands can be cut according to the requirements to increase the acquisition efficiency of hyperspectral data acquisition.
Product advantages
  • World leader
    can measure the spectrum of each pixel while imaging and output hyperspectral images.
  • Accurate detection
    the substances in many scenes are uneven and contain multiple components. The material composition content of each pixel is analyzed respectively, and the spatial distribution can be output.
  • Large visual area
    wide field of view
Product model
Sensor uncooled InGaAs
Imaging modalities The MEMS wavelength scanning Eq
Spectral range (nm) 900 ~ 1700
Spectral bands Inpless adjustment, custom settings
Wavelength setting accuracy (nm) 0.1
Central wavelength Accuracy (nm) ± 3
Full width at half maxima (typical, nm) 30
Field of View (°) 30
Operating distance (mm) 250 ~ ∞
Pixel resolution ≥ 400 * 400
Exposure time (ms) 0.1 ~ 1,000
Shooting time 5s @10 wavelength points, with 50ms exposure time
Preview mode Custom wavelength, real-time preview
Preview frame rate (frame / s) 25
Dimensions (mm) 90 * 55 * 55
Wavelength switching rate(ms) ≤ 2
Weight (g) ≤ 250
Data interfaces Ethernet/ USB 2.0
Data accuracy 14 bit
Application Scenario
Industrial sorting
Non-destructive, non-contact, wide imaging range, millisecond level real-time online detection.
Water content imaging monitoring
Real-time and online monitoring of the moisture content of agricultural and sideline products in the production process, and optimize product quality control.
Food and Drug Testing
Food quality testing, pharmaceutical composition testing, etc.