Hyperspectral camera Module
Integrated MEMS-FPI and CMOS sensor, image sensor and lens customization. Hypernano hyperspectral module is compact and can be integrated into mobile phones, IOT and other consumer electronic devices. Immediately test, can be anytime and anywhere on food, daily supplies for testing.
Product advantages
  • Miniature
    small size, low power consumption, easy to integrate into all kinds of consumer electronic devices.
  • Simple structure
    compact, highly integrated, consumer level miniaturization demand.
  • Band programmable
    wide spectrum continuous tuntable, imaging sensor is optional.
Imaging modalities The MEMS wavelength scanning Eq
Sensor CMOS
Dimensions (mm) 20x20x12 (excluding MIPI interface)
Weight(g) 30
Operation temperature(℃) -10~50
FOV (°) 60
Wavelength range(nm) 400~900 (Optional)
FWHM(nm) 20~40
Break-make ratio (OD) >2
Central wavelength Accuracy (nm) ≤ 2
Wavelength switching rate (ms) ≤5ms
Power (mW) <250mw
Application Scenario
Meat quality, fruits and vegetables and other material detection, freshness analysis, etc.
Washing machine
Clothing cloth material, clothing stains and other identification.
Sweeping robot
Accurately identify stains, liquid and other target objects.