Hypernano was selected as one of the "Potential Technology Unicorn Enterprises in Shenzhen", accelerating the commercialization of hyperspectral technology


Author: Hypernano


In order to focus on supporting and cultivating unicorn enterprises with "hard core" technology and explosive growth potential, the Shenzhen government and the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology have taken the lead in formulating the "Shenzhen Unicorn Enterprise Discovery and Cultivation Action Plan (2022-2025)". On May 31, 2023, the list of technology unicorn enterprises and potential technology unicorn enterprises in Shenzhen was released. Hypernano was awarded the "Shenzhen Potential Technology Unicorn Enterprise" and is currently the only selected enterprise in the hyperspectral field.

What is a potential technology unicorn enterprise?

The discovery and selection indicators for technology unicorn enterprises in Shenzhen closely follow the development direction of the "20+8" industrial cluster in Shenzhen, aiming to build a cultivation echelon of "potential technology unicorns - high-quality technology unicorns". And potential technology unicorn companies must have the following capabilities (not limited to):

1. The industry and segmented products of the enterprise have broad development space;

2. It has a relatively complete supply chain, market, and channel layout, and its products have been pushed to the market, forming a feasible commercial loop. It is in a leading position in the segmented fields, and has a relatively complete product line layout and planning;

3. The enterprise has established technological barriers, formed a positive R&D mechanism, a large proportion of cumulative R&D investment, and medium to long-term core technologies;

4. The enterprise has independent intellectual property rights or proprietary technology, and applies the relevant technology to the company's main business;

5. The total number of high-quality invention patents held is more than 5, which must be valid invention patents for strategic emerging industries and future industries encouraged and supported by the state, Guangdong Province, and Shenzhen City.

The potential unicorn genes contain cutting-edge, innovative, and disruptive forces, making it a "star of tomorrow" with development potential and growth potential. The listing of Hypernano indicates that the company has characteristics such as fast growth rate, high technological content, strong innovation ability, new professional fields, and great development potential.

Professor Li Zexiang, the initiator and dean of Shenzhen University of Science and Technology, one of the members of the Shenzhen Science and Technology Unicorn Enterprise Evaluation Committee, once stated that the hard technology unicorn is the most important pillar force for future industrial development, and it is also an enterprise that needs key support and cultivation for the in-depth implementation of Shenzhen's innovation driven development strategy. As a highly representative hard technology enterprise in the hyperspectral field, Hypernano has immeasurable potential for future development.

Development tasks and responsibilities

Different substances have different refractions of light at different frequencies, and the color seen by the human eye is actually a type of dimensionality reduction information, with very limited information for judging things. And hyperspectral technology can bring machine vision that surpasses the human eye's ability to distinguish, giving it the ability to be "eye-catching".

Starting from the "core", Hypernano focuses on the cutting-edge research of hyperspectral imaging MEMS technology, actively exploring the civilian application of hyperspectral technology, focusing on the construction of industrial ecology, and empowering the efficient development of the industry. Innovative achievements have the advantages of miniaturization, high precision, low cost, and mass production, and can be widely applied in various industries, reshaping the industrial value chain with new technologies.

According to the "Annual Development Report of Unicorn Enterprises in Shenzhen", there is a serious problem of homogenization in the chip industry in Shenzhen, and the high-end chip manufacturing industry is still in a blank.

Hypernano has achieved an innovative breakthrough in hyperspectral MEMS chips from 0 to 1, and has built a strategic, revolutionary, and original technological barrier. It not only solves the current problem of high-end chips getting stuck in the neck in China, but also lays out innovative technologies that get stuck in the neck of others. Huang Jinbiao, CEO of Hypernano, stated that in order to develop hyperspectral imaging technology and deepen its application in vertical industries, it is necessary to build an entire industrial ecosystem.

The report also mentioned that the driving force of Shenzhen's high-tech industry market and demand is strong, but the driving force of technological progress and innovation is still insufficient. Hypernano will build a Hypernano ecological platform with hyperspectral MEMS technology as the core. Through self-developed and controllable hyperspectral image perception capabilities, Hypernano will link ecological partners in industries such as water quality and environmental protection, medical aesthetics and healthcare, new energy, and grain and oil, allowing the convenience brought by the "golden eye" of hyperspectral photography to production and life to be perceived anytime and anywhere, and promoting the intelligent transformation and upgrading of various industries, Let technological innovation support high-quality development.

Famous 20th century original media theorist Marshall McLuhan once said, "Any technology tends to create a new human environment." Throughout human development history, every technological innovation will have a huge impact on the economy and way of life. AI technology has pushed humanity into the era of intelligence. How can hyperspectral technology add further assistance to the era of intelligence? Let's look forward to the answer from the sea spectrum nano.